Brokerage Agents Wanted

California Freight Sales is seeking freight brokerage agents.

Why join our Team?

  • We are an asset based carrier / broker (225 company owned tractors and 230 company owned tankers/ trailers)
  • Revenue splits at 70%, as well as 3 % if moved on California Freight asset
  • Up to date technology (operationally and administration)- we give you the tools to be self sufficient
  • Cargo, liability, and WC insurance coverages
  • Surety bond
  • Same day credit approvals for new customers
  • 25,000 plus approved carriers in our RMIS(Registry Monitoring Insurance Service) network
  • Free load boards to DAT 360 and Internet Truckstop
  • Excellent credit scores—offer quick pay and standard pay terms
  • Business cards
  • Hands off carrier sign ups and monitoring through RMIS … 24 hour signups, automated, and fully integrated with our TMS
  • Corporate support for our agent terminals
  • Claim support and reconciliation
  • Systems training for our TMS and RMIS
  • Customer billing
  • Customer collections
  • Carrier payables
  • Ratings analysis resources
  • All operations and admin are paperless applications
  • Email address
  • Marketing material
  • Full access to accounting and admin staff
  • 2 way non-compete—customer protection

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